Self-Centers and Self-Aligns

The HighLife Mitral Valve Replacement System consists of two components, a valve prosthesis and a ring shaped Sub-Annular Implant (SAI). The valve self-centers and aligns itself upon delivery inside the SAI ring surrounding it, thus allowing an easy and safe delivery.

Respects the Anatomy

The HighLife Mitral Valve is designed in order to respect the patient’s anatomy. Its outer surface features atraumatic rounded edges with smooth symmetrical structures, as the anchoring method simply relies on a equilibrium position between the prosthesis and the Sub-Annular Ring Implant. The forces seen by the implanted valve are harmoniously distributed on the ring around it.

Seals Efficiently

As the Sub-Annular Ring Implant brings the native valve leaflets towards the HighLife Valve, this creates a very efficient sealing effect around the prosthesis that prevents any para-valvular leaks from occuring.

Adapts to Every Patient

The HighLife Mitral Valve covers with one size the majority of mitral valve regurgitation patients. The valve can be implanted in native annuli with the largest axis starting at 35 mm up to 50 mm, and it adapts in every case to the anatomy.

Watch the Procedure Made with a Trans-septal Access