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Prof. Zenon Huczek Interview:

Prof. Zenon Huczek (Medical University of Warsaw) shares his experience with HighLife devices and Procedure:

Dr. Didier Tchetche Interview:

Dr. Didier Tchetche (Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse) shares his experience with HighLife devices and procedure:

Prof. Christophe Dubois Interview:

Prof. Christophe Dubois (UZ Leuven, Belgium) shares feedback about his experience with the HighLife TSMVR system after performing successful cases.

Prof. Stephen Worthley Interview:

Prof. Stephen Worthley (Macquarie University Hospital Sydney) shares his experience using the HighLife TSMVR system, discusses the procedure, the proctoring and the results he has witnessed.

Dr. Didier Tchétché at EuroPCR 2021:

Dr. Didier Tchétché, Head of Structural Heart Disease Program in Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse (France), goes through the main steps of a HighLife procedure and shares the early results of the HighLife Transeptal Mitral Valve Replacement feasibility study.

Prof. Wolfgang Rottbauer at EuroPCR 2021:

Prof. Wolfgang Rottbauer, Medical Director of the Clinic for Internal Medicine II at Universitätsklinikum Ulm, Germany, shares his experience by explaining the main steps of a HighLife procedure.

Dr. Nicolo Piazza at PCR London Valves 2020:

Watch this session presented by Nicolo Piazza in which he explains the Highlife Transeptal Mitral Valve Replacement (TMVR) procedural steps, how to do patient screening site training and case proctoring during Covid-19 Pandemic and finally he shares the current study status made during the pandemic crisis.

Click on the links below to download HighLife presentations:

Dr. Nicolo Piazza / CIT 2021 / May 6, 2021

Prof. Rüdiger Lange / Chinese Summit on Mitral Valve Interventional Therapy / April 16, 2021